TapeFat?is a little plugin that just does one thing: it’s variations on the tone stack inside the first Iron Oxide, and is the same sort of thing you get in Tape Delay. Works similarly to BrightAmbience in that settings with fewer taps take less CPU and do less processing. It’s based on prime numbered delay taps, too. Weighting the delay taps that way creates an EQ curve that’s like a twisted version of a moving average, so it’s several different kinds of not technically correct!

Consider it a glimpse into the very earliest days of Airwindows, and a curious little tone shaper that may not be amazing but is at least pretty unique. It sounds better in a tape delay plugin’s regeneration path because successive instances combine well thanks to the prime numbered delay taps. It’s free to play with in case you’d like to build larger Tape Delays out of DAW routing paths.