TL;DW: Mastering grade very low Q tilt EQ.


This is a new plugin, not a port from an existing Audio Unit. It’s based on a variation on the Average concept. Turns out, it’s the tail end of the ‘averaged samples block’ that causes the cancellation node. ToneSlant implements a much bigger sample block (100 taps) but linearly fades the samples off between the first and last sample in the block.

What that does, is produce an extremely transparent ’tilt EQ’ with a controllable corner point. And, it’s implemented in such a way that you can set it to null out (at extreme high boosts) and then bring in only the brightest highs (shown in the video). Quirky, maybe, but it broadens the ToneSlant toolkit. So, the main uses are:

-Extremely low Q treble rolloff above a set point (with a fixed dB/oct)

-That, plus you bring in the dry signal by not putting the Highs to an extreme (it’s like a positive/negative wet/dry/wet, but that doesn’t fit on the label, especially for VST)

-Total cancellation with Taps at 1 and Highs at +1, and then you put Taps to just barely greater than 1 and you can have a very natural high-shelf controllable with the Highs control

These come out of the algorithm: the reason it performs so well sonically is both the extremely low Q and the simplicity of the algorithm. Not everything I make belongs in a mastering studio, but ToneSlant is peculiarly suited to that use: it’s like those specialty EQs that have very few parts and impart no color to the sound. You should be careful applying ToneSlant, because it ‘hides’ and tries not to be apparent as EQ. Use it as such, when you need perhaps a strong ’tilt’ but don’t want the result to sound equalized.

It’s AU, Mac and PC VST and free: just another reason to keep me around through supporting my Patreon! If you look at the last decade or so of Airwindows, I think it’s fair to say I think of new plugins, and that will continue. It’s just that now, you support Airwindows because you want me to make more, not because I’m preventing you from having it. I don’t think there is a future in preventing people from having digital things. It seems impractical and sure to cause problems. Therefore, my future is ‘be worth keeping around’, so enjoy ToneSlant as a token of my good will :)