ToTapeDemo?is the start of the ToTape lineage, a set of plugins that have kept on getting closer and closer to the sound of analog tape off a good reel to reel.

It started out with four controls: Tape Slam, Treble Soften, Head Bump and Output Level. Quickly it became obvious that ‘tape slam’ was more the domain of Iron Oxide, and ToTape wasn’t about ‘slam’ but about giving the right texture to a mixdown.

This early, the head bump code was almost unmanageable: it’s huge-sounding but not what I’d call realistic. This is one of those plugins where I strongly recommend the most recent version over the early ones, as I feel I’ve continued to refine and improve it, fixing issues as they became apparent such as the heavy subsonics content.

ToTape also included a plugin that some people liked, ‘FromTape’. That is simply the ToTape treble soften and saturation code, minus the head bump. ToTape3 also included a FromTape variant, so you can pick either if you’re fishing for historical plugins.?This one is the one without flutter (the most basic) and FromTape3 has flutter. They’re like secret weapons now, useful for softening edges in a particular way, not directly available anymore.

But if you would like a copy of those or the original ToTape, you can still have one, by purchasing the current ToTape and asking me in email. I’ll send one.