ToTape3Demo?was the precursor to ToTape4. It’s the ‘high-resolution’, realistic emulation in contrast to Iron Oxide, which is the ‘for effect’, tape-slam sort of plugin.

ToTape doesn’t tend to have striking changes in behavior version by version, because it’s toward an emulation target that is itself very high-resolution. It’s about mimicking the tone of magnetic tape recording, and has done that pretty well from the start. The improvements have generally been in the realm of making the head bump work better, improving fidelity and transparency, and these are such arcane little techie adjustments that there’s not much to say about them.

ToTape3 did add tape flutter to the plugin: that’s a pretty notable change. It’s also got the FromTape3 plugin, which is just the treble soften from ToTape3—and this FromTape has flutter, too!

The recentest ToTape is almost certainly going to be the one you want, but if you like one of the earlier versions best, buy the current one and ask for the specific older version you like. I’ll send it.

ToTape3 runs one sample of latency.