ToVinylDemo?is worth a look if you’re rummaging through old versions for treasure. It’s one of those plugins where I had a ‘clean things up and simplify’ urge; the big change between it and ToVinyl2 was that ToVinyl2 changed to a single knob design.

That’s far from the case with ToVinyl (and in fact I went back to the complexity with ToVinyl3). It has stereo bass cutoff, mono bass cutoff, HF limiter sensitivity, and output level.

The bass cutoffs are highpasses. I’ve learned more about how to make these sound better, over the years—this is a sort of naive approach, which I now feel is over-processy. On the other hand, it’s quite good at highpassing, though the frequencies are assigned a little arbitrarily (I think I set it to the 6 db down point? Result is, it takes away more bass than you think it should)

The HF limiter continues to be a strong point of ToVinyl to this day. It’s using DeEss code to track down primarily stuff that would cause a lot of hash and overshoot, so it’s very good at taking away only that energy that should be taken away (and still is, in ToVinyl3).

If you’d like this, buy the recentest version and ask for ToVinyl by email. I’ll send it. But you’re nuts to pass up the Groove Wear on ToVinyl3, that worked out amazingly…

But you’ll have ToVinyl3! So all is good. :)