ToVinyl2Demo?is a version of ToVinyl, before it had the Groove Wear control. This version was about developing better-sounding highpass filtering, and also about making the plugin work more simply. It’s got a single control which sets the general frequency where the bass gathers together to be centered.

There are two versions of the fully working plugin available: when it first came out, it actually gave you a noticeable boost around where the filter cuts off. I fixed it, but then some people wanted that back, so I gave them the ToVinyl2 Bass Bump version (which has the same ID as the regular one, so you have to pick which you want to install). Both are available to owners of the current ToVinyl, just buy the up-to-date version and then ask for a specific old version.

I recommend the current ToVinyl for a number of reasons, but this one’s also available to try.