TL:DW; Fluctuating saturation curves for a tubey tremolo.


So, you’ve probably got a tremolo built in to your DAW.

But, if you’ve heard tremolo effects off classic records, it’s a whole different animal. DAW tremolos are neat little volume animations, capable of many cool effects (try making ’em squarewaves synced to the tempo for a nifty sequencey effect). But they don’t have that organic pulsating thing that takes a sound and gives it a whole new character.

So I made this!

This Tremolo uses saturation and antisaturation curves like you’d find in Density, and does the tremolo with that. It’s the same trick I use on the compressor ‘Pyewacket’. The result is, the loud parts develop a density and thickness mere volume won’t give you, and the lean parts hang on to a skeletal form of the transient attacks so your music comes through. This is not just ‘analog color’ like a coat of paint, Tremolo works quite differently from your DAW tremolo. It doesn’t sync to tempo, but that’s partly because I don’t know what to read (in AU and VST) that’d give me that information: could be added in future if the secrets are forthcoming, but there’s no sense withholding Tremolo just because of that!

Further development of Tremolo and literally everything else is supported by Patreon, which as I expected is steadily growing month by month as I keep working. I’m not some dotcom that needs to be instantly rich or I go poof and vanish, far from it, but don’t forget to tell people about this project! I’m just about to release the Airwindows wordlength reducer (works like a dither) to dramatically eclipse everything else that’s been done dither-wise. And I even have an idea for slightly refining PaulDither, for those who really like that one (if you want TPDF it’s hard to beat it).

Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy Tremolo :)